Francesco Di Gregorio

Francesco Di Gregorio attained his diploma in piano at the D. Cimarosa Conservatory of Avellino, under the guidance of Maestro Lina Tufano, with the highest possible marks and honors.

Born in November 1984, Di Gregorio began taking piano lessons when he was only 14. From that moment, his name entered in the gold register of numerous National and International competitions such as Città di Caserta, Mercato S. Severino, Città di Lavello, Premio Idelmo Poggioli, Premio Nettuno d’ Oro, Concorso Nazionale Emanuele Gianturco, Premio Napolinova, Concorso Internazionale di Vietri sul mare and many others.
Di Gregorio has won several scholarships, including Premio Bruno Mazzotta, as the best graduated pianist of his Conservatory, Giovani Talenti 2000, Premio Napolinova, and was chosen to represent his Conservatory in many performances. Di Gregorio has recorded for Radio Vaticana and many of his recitals are transmitted for BBC. He has also recorded a CD with music by Liszt for Napolinova.

Di Gregorio has often been Lady Susanna Walton’s guest, in Ischia (NA), giving numerous solo and chamber concerts and has worked in many master classes and recitals with the artists of Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and Scuola di Musica di Fiesole in Italy. He has also played for important musical societies like the Concert Society in Milan. As the winner of the Melbourne Italian Festival in Australia, Di Gregoria has given a soloist performance at the BMW Edge Theatre of Melbourne, which was transmitted by The Globe. Di Gregorio’s career has taken him to numerous Italian and foreign cities, such as Naples, Ischia, Capri, Caserta, Salerno, Rome, Pistoia, Pesaro, Venice, Wien, Salzburg, Norristown, Melbourne and many others, with great audiences and success among critics.

In addition, Di Gregorio was chosen by the D. Cimarosa Conservatory to perform the first piano concerto by Chopin in June 2010 with Maestro Stefania Rinaldi as conductor for the celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Chopin’s birthday.

Di Gregorio is currently studying piano at the Meadows School of the Arts of at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas under Maestro Joaquín Achúcarro, one of the most renowned pianists of our century. Di Gregorio recently played a concert at the Dallas Museum of Art.

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